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22 July 2009 @ 23:03
[sticky post] Infopage & Supplementals  

We have all watched Edward's struggle to regain his brother's body and undo the past. We have read stories in which he succeeds to do so, and some in which he does not. Now let's try for something different.
This time, let's ask: what if, ultimately, Trisha Elric never died?
Watch as Edward Elric walks a path markedly different from the old, meeting the people who will help shape his perspective, challenge his beliefs, further his science -- all the while getting himself entangled in a momentous mess that began centuries even before he was born.
Because after all, though a path might be deviant, no path is wrong.
{ written by iluxia, edited by aventria }
( also available on FF.N and AO3 )

Genre: General, Drama, Romance, Action-Adventure, Political Intrigue, Mystery, Angst, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Rating(s): PG-13 to NC-17
Warning(s): Eventually will contain a major SLASH pairing. Graphic depictions of violence violence, possible future sexual content, language, moral ambiguity.
Pair(s): Roy Mustang / Edward Elric (eventual); Maes Hughes / Gracia Hughes; Alphonse Elric / Winry Rockbell; Jean Havoc / Riza Hawkeye; Edward Elric / Envy.


Feel free to comment on this post should you have any questions regarding the information. It would help if you could point out exactly what you don't understand (quote it, perhaps?). We do hope this helps your reading. We would despair if we broke your brains with all the theories; we need those brains for audiences. =]
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(Anonymous) on 24th September 2011 16:04 (UTC)
I'm utterly fascinated with the background information you've built. Was surprised by the future Ed/ Envy thing, I'd really like to know how that happens. Where you've ended the latest chapter just kills me though.
夢路 : dreamscape: FMA: Ed Grin >iluxia on 25th September 2011 08:19 (UTC)
Thank you! ♥ And yes, Ed/Envy in the future. It should be lots of fun, for Roy too. Very fun. We have a lot planned. (Understatement!) But at the moment, we can't seem to find time to finish the chapter. We're both quite busy with school. We'll try to upload the next part as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!
(Anonymous) on 9th November 2011 20:53 (UTC)
(Same person as above)

I understand completely what you mean about being busy with school- just finished up my graduate degree a year ago. There is no way I could write during that time. And the quality of your story really means that it can't be done in a rush.

Re the Ed/Envy thing- Roy recommended Ed experiment with a friend if he was curious... which is why the Maes/Roy idea makes sense to me. Because they're close enough to remain friends afterwards. I'm excited for pretty much everything in this story.
夢路 : dreamscape: FMA: Ed Grin >iluxia on 10th November 2011 09:01 (UTC)
So glad you're with us still (whoever you are XP), thank you very much for understanding our situation. We try! And yes, the perfectionism demands a lot of time and attention that we just can't set aside at the moment.

Indeed, lots of things to look forward to. The Ed/Envy relationship is a very integral part of the story's plot, so it'll be very fun to write those chapters. I look forward to them just as much as you do! :)
ddelline on 25th September 2011 20:50 (UTC)
the entire universe that you guys have built here (and are building) is nothing short of fantastic. i'm absolutely enthralled, haha, and can't wait until you find the time to continue this 'verse!
夢路 : dreamscape: FMA: Ed Grin >iluxia on 10th November 2011 09:01 (UTC)
Why, thank you, kind person! :) We're very glad to have your fascination! Hope you stick with us for the winding little ride, we have so much more in store for you!
(Anonymous) on 18th May 2012 21:14 (UTC)
About the part of The Gate, you said that A good example is Edward's transmutation of Trisha; the Gate valued Ed more than it did Trisha or Alphonse, and therefore gave Trisha's soul back in exchange for only one of Ed's arms Later in the part about Trisha's transmutation, you said that it was Ed's leg that he gave for her soul.

Just nitpicking, since I always get confused which he loses for which... actually I'm still kinda not sure...
luvsanime02luvsanime02 on 29th July 2012 12:15 (UTC)
:o OMG, there are so many spoilers in that military hierarchy chain of command you put up!! ~Hugs them close.~

These details are amazing, I hope you know. I think it's fantastic how well thought-out this story is, and the effort you guys put into even the smallest details at times :D
夢路 : dreamscape: FMA: Ed: Evil Genius >iluxia on 30th July 2012 21:57 (UTC)
The devil's in the details, my love. ♥ Thank you for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions. (Oh, and if you think that's spoilery, ha! Wait until you see the lineages!)
luvsanime02luvsanime02 on 31st July 2012 13:21 (UTC)
Tease!!! XD Now I can't wait. Must you dangle the carrot so often? ~Doesn't really mind. At all.~
夢路 : dreamscape: FMA: Ed Grin >iluxia on 31st July 2012 21:09 (UTC)
/dangledangle. dangle.
luvsanime02luvsanime02 on 1st August 2012 06:54 (UTC)

~Eyes follow the carrot.~
mister glueskin: 11glueskin on 23rd September 2012 21:39 (UTC)
Hello! I recently discovered this fic on ff.net, and I fell in love. Luckily for me it's the first fic I've read after a lord knows how long absence from the FMA scene (about three years? I just recently rewatched the original anime, though I should watch Brotherhood soon).

I absolutely adore the universe you guys have created here, and I'm eagerly awaiting more--though I perfectly understand how busy it gets with school.

Good luck with your studies!
夢路 : dreamscape: FMA: Ed: Evil Genius >iluxia on 27th September 2012 21:03 (UTC)
Thanks for your interest, we're glad to have you over! We'll work very hard not to disappoint your expectations! We have a lot of things in store, and as you can see, Catalysis is a huge endeavour. Edward has a lot of things to learn, you know, and time stores many surprises!

Studies are going well, we have part of the next installment written, things are afloat still, so we're good. ♥ Thanks for your comment again, best regards!
(Anonymous) on 4th March 2013 10:52 (UTC)
Ah! I love this story so much,I'm really looking forward to The next chapter, when will it Be out? I check everyday 0.o lol
I was just wondering about the map of amestris, I recently saw the star of milos and I thought Milos was on the border of creta? I dunno I'm probably just being an idiot.. Anyway keep up the awesome writing, can't wait for the update!
(Anonymous) on 9th May 2013 21:18 (UTC)
Thoughts and MoreAnnoyingQuestions
I just had a thought. I looked at how many chapters Catalysis will have(approximately), and I considered the pace of the story, and I came to a conclusion.
If you keep the story pace steady, Catalysis will not be enough for the whole tale. That is, of course, unless you are distorting canon so completely that the fight with the Father and the Homunculi will happen way before usual, and who will be summarily dispatched the first fight - which is not very realistic. Since you are obviously striving for as much realism as you can get in FICTION, then I must admit myself utterly disconfabulated. (No, I'm pretty sure this is not a word, but I think it gets my point across).
I KNOW how irritating this question is (look at me, asking all these horribly annoying questions!), especially as you aren't even half-way through, but-
Will there be a sequel?
lodyhell on 17th June 2013 15:02 (UTC)
waiting sucks ... a lot !
Well, for things to be clear : I like/love/desesperate fall in love with Catalysis ^^
That why I would be know where you are to the next chapter standbye, writting, editing ?
no matter how long it takes I'll wait, but really waits sucks so... Please give me a bone ;)

I like the plot about Ed who are caught up gradually by the military and the potential that lies behind the alchemy ed wants to study!
And please, tell me that a clash between ed and russel is written somewhere